Tiff’s Guide to Interviewing Bands

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  • Document the process! I wish I had pictures of doing these interviews, but I had none because I was doing the interviews. 😅
  • I don’t claim to endorse any of these bands — the archive serves purely as a record of what happened from 2013–2016.

Who do I contact, and how do I find their contact info?

Most artists will have booking and press contacts listed on their website / Facebook page / record label’s site. You want to reach out to the press contact. This person can be someone at their label, someone at a PR firm, or even a member of the band itself, depending on how big the band is.

When and how do I contact them?

My advice for this is basically the same as my advice for sending emails to people more generally — send them an email at around 1 PM (their time zone) so they can read it after their lunch break. Don’t send it on a Monday morning / Friday afternoon, and definitely don’t send it too close to when the artist’s new record is released (because they’ll be inundated with interview requests). If you want to be really strategic, you can look at the band’s tour schedule and figure out when they have a day off and send the email then. I typically send the request about 2 weeks before a scheduled show.

Writing the email + following up

Your original email should be short with just the right amount of detail (who you are, who you want to interview, and what day you want to do the interview). The scheduling details come later. Send the email to yourself first and see what it looks like through your phone. Does it look too long on a mobile device? Then it’s too long.

The day of the interview

Send a text message to your day-of-contact in the early afternoon to check if the scheduled interview time still works (and that the band remembers that it’s happening). It doesn’t really matter at all what time you scheduled the interview for– you will likely get a last minute text requesting that the time be changed. As a general rule of thumb, the interview will probably happen ~45 minutes later than it’s scheduled, even if the final time is confirmed.

Doing the interview

I try to set expectations from the start, including how long the interview should take and that it’ll be recorded and played (unedited) over the air later.

After the interview

After you’ve posted the interview on your blog / played it on your radio show, etc., email a copy of it to the press contact and thank them again for helping to set up the interview.


This is where I describe random things I’ve learned, mostly the hard way.

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