Where to get stuff to make with around MIT

After spending ~10 years at MIT and helping out with lots of different project-based design courses at the Institute, I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of recommendations for where to buy things to make with.

Miscellaneous Hardware

  • Dickson Bros (Harvard Square) — this is my favorite hardware store for random stuff
  • Pill Hardware (Central Square) — smaller selection but a little closer
  • Tags (Porter Square) — largest selection

Laser Cutting Material

  • Artists & Craftsman Supply (Central Square) — masonite and other flat stock, small sheets of acrylic
  • Altec Plastics (Broadway) — all-purpose plastics shop selling acrylic in lots of different shapes and sizes (as well as acrylic cement, etc.) Take Red Line to Broadway stop.
  • Online: Tap Plastics (cheaper than McMaster and with more options)


Molding and Casting

Other Resources

  • reuse (great MIT mailing lists to find or request items, many free)
  • swapfest — electronics flea market that happens on MIT’s campus at the Albany Garage every month in the Spring and Fall.
  • Blick — for general purpose art materials

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below and I will add to the list!

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